Long Term Care

One Pass Access and Long Term Care

Helping Facilities help the patients

One Pass Access can increase safety and security in your facility. One Pass Access can also help your facility find the supplies and services your facility needs.

Is your facility prepared for F-Tag 483.85/F895-Compliance and Ethics Program affective November 2019?

There are many moving parts that need to occur when a 3rd party organization is utilized for patient care needs placing the family and patient at risk.

One pass Access captures vital information simplifying Compliance, Risk Management and Patient Safety Objectives

Making it easier for you to identify and track the people and companies entering your patient’s home.

One Pass Access provides your “Rolodex” of pre-loaded Healthcare Industry Companies utilized throughout the different healthcare industry segments.

From Vendor Sourcing for Products and Services to Tracking when Vendor Representatives are coming in to deliver that product or service.


Safety and Security in Your Facility

One Pass Access gives your facility the tools to create a safe and secure environment for your Patients and Staff. We can help monitor all vendors that come and go.

As healthcare continues to grow and as generations continue to age, safety and security should expand.

One Pass Access was created with growth in mind, by utilizing this platform the patient can heal with peace of mind.